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Design Process

This form is designed to help start the conversation of your idea for any type of design request for your ministry or department at Cityline Church. We have an incredible team of designers that is eager to work alongside of you. In order to fulfill your request the best that our team can, we ask if you can commit to the following:

- Fill out the design request form as best as you can

- Please give about 7 days notice 

- If you need a design rushed, please notify us and we will work promptly. (Rushed requests tend to produce simple & basic design results)

- Please leave margin of time for any alterations to the design request.

- Once we receive your request, it will be received to the first available designer. If you have a desired designer, please mention it in your request. 

Name *
When do you need your design by?
When do you need your design by?
What can we create for you?
Please provide ample time. The suggested lead-time is for the FIRST time the graphic will be displayed, NOT the date of the event. (e.g. lobby posters displayed 4 weeks before the event.)
Where will this design be displayed?
Who best describes your target demographic with this event or ministry?
What age group(s) best fit your event or ministry?
Please choose from the following list of 'styles' that you feel would apply to this project:
Check all that apply
Please send a link to a design sample/style that you gravitate to