Freeway - 11.4.16

Part 7 - "Wounded Healers"

God has an awesome plan for your story, even the painful parts. God created you for freedom and to live a life of great purpose but our freedom isn’t just for us, it is also for others. Everything in God’s kingdom can be redeemed and what the enemy meant for destruction, God will use it to help love and serve others. Finding the beauty in our brokenness and discovering a purpose in our pain comes with understanding that you are rescued to be a rescuer.

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Freeway - 10.30.16

Part 6 - "Labels Lie"

Who are you? It is an important question to ask ourselves. And how we answer that question determines whether we are living a free life or not. Many have their identity defined by a negative label. We see ourselves as failures and mistakes. We let a bad decision, or a negative circumstance, or someone else define who we are. Stop believing the negative labels and start living as God’s beloved.

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Freeway - 10.23.16

Part 5 - "Holding On Keeps Us From Moving On"

Our pain and loss can define us if we let it. Life becomes heavy and our relationships fill with tension. We clench our fists and seek justice for life’s unfairness, but God asks us to live with open hands.  The journey to freedom goes through the door of forgiveness – forgiveness means giving up our right to hurt others that have hurt us. This week you will be challenged to release the burdens that you have carried for far too long.

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Freeway - 10.16.16

Part 4 - "The Blame Game"

From the very beginning of the world, starting with Adam and Eve, we’ve been blaming others for anything and everything that has happened in our life.  Living as a victim is easy. But, living free means you take personal responsibility for both the good and bad parts of your life - even if it isn't your fault, it might still be your responsibility. One of the most powerful things we can do in our lives is to take personal responsibility for today. This week we learn what the Bible has to say about the power of owning your problems and giving them to Christ.

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Freeway - 10.9.16

Part 3 - "Learning to Open My Eyes"

Fear is the enemy of freedom. It holds us back from dealing with issues, breaking old patterns and embracing all God has for us. The enemy of our freedom uses fear to keep us held captive. He lies to us and uses scare tactics to prevent us from experiencing God’s great plan for our life. In order to be free we must face the fear, lies, and unresolved pain. Jesus invites us to go looking in our story for the broken and busted up things. He wants to take us on a journey where we finally face the things we’ve been scared to deal with.

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Freeway - 10.2.16

Part 2 - "The Truth About Us"

We live in a fast-paced, noisy world where busyness is a badge of honor when it should be a sign that we might be avoiding something important. One of the biggest obstacles to freedom is our blind spots. We live unaware of how we are hurting ourselves and others. Chances are the habits and attitudes that hold you back are buried beneath layers of busyness and distraction. Perhaps the way to freedom is to stop saying, “I’m busy” and start telling God, “I’m ready.”

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Freeway - 9.25.16

Part 1 - "A Welcome Home Party"
In every story there is beauty and there is pain. And no one can escape either one. The problem however, is that we often lack the transparency required to walk through our lives honestly with people. We cover up our scars and try to look squeaky clean for everybody, while in reality we’re living a very different life. We post Instagram photos that make our families look perfect. We will do anything to hide our damaged hearts and cover up just how disheveled we really are on the inside. But we don’t have to live in that anymore. There is freedom from your past, your present, your enemies, your memories, yourself. There is hope.

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