God created us with a deep-seeded need to share life with one another. When one of us is down, others lift us up. When someone celebrates, others celebrate with them.

At Cityline, we offer the opportunity to connect with one another through the following:

  • Community Groups: These groups focus upon a variety of different topics and studies. For a list of community groups for the Fall 2019 session, click HERE.

  • For information on SH Connect, click HERE.

  • For information on Mom Connect, click HERE.

One of the primary reasons for the Community Groups is to provide a way to connect with others. The reality is that meaningful relationships are exactly what we need and what many desire in their life. Community groups are a great way to begin that process. Get together with people in your city, in your neighborhood or maybe even on your job to learn, grow and serve together.

Would you like to know more about existing groups? Are you interested in joining or starting a group? Email Megan Lemmons