Online Christmas Day Experience- 12.25.2016

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The Rhythms of Christmas - 12.18.16

Part 3 - "Away In A Manger"

“Away in a manger... no crib for a bed, the little LORD JESUS..." At the very first mention of Jesus' birth, we see him called Lord. Luke says, Shepherds were watching their flocks at night and an Angel appears and says that good news is here…a savior has been born. He is “Christ the Lord”.  In fact more than 700 times in the New Testament Jesus is referred to as Lord. As we sing songs and celebrate Christmas, Christmas calls us to acknowledge that fact that Jesus is Lord, but what does that actually mean in everyday life?

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The Rhythms of Christmas - 12.11.16

Part 2 - "Let Us Adore Him"

“Oh Come All Ye Faithful… Joyful and Triumphant…” Many of us have had times, especially during this Christmas season, we can feel anything but faithful and joyful and triumphant. We think that Jesus wouldn’t possibly want us to come to him. The way we live we couldn’t possibly come near and be present with him. But that’s exactly what God has done. Christmas is an invitation to all to come and let Jesus take your distress, doubts, and defeats in exchange for his faithfulness, joy and triumph. 

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The Rhythms of Christmas - 12.4.16

Part 1 - "Oh Holy Night"

One of things we love most about Christmas is the music.  Whether it’s standing in line at the mall, gatherings with friends or listening to the radio on the drive home from work, the music we hear reminds us that there is something meaningful about this time of year. And that's what we want, for Christmas to be something special, but year after year our troubles don't magically float away, we still don't seem to have enough money and our broken heart doesn't instantly mend. But because the birth of Jesus actually happened there is hope.

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