Stand Alone- 4.16.17

Easter Sunday - "A Love Revolution"

Easter Sunday at Cityline Church. What if the craziest, most outrageous thing that you’ve ever heard of, be the very thing that could actually change your life? God did something revolutionary that completely changed history forever. God had a plan to fix a broken humanity, but the way he did it was shocking and yet unbelievably believable. 

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Stand Alone- 4.9.17

Palm Sunday - "The Journey Begins"

Everybody wants to be in the drivers seat because the one who is behind the wheel is the one who is in control. When it comes to our life many of us work hard to maintain some form of control of the wheel. We're content to have Jesus with us in the car, but we're not sure that we want him to be the one driving. When we become blinded by our own agenda we miss the mission of Jesus. Jesus invites us to let go, to pursue the way of peace by dying to ourselves. It's not Jesus take the wheel, it's Jesus I choose to surrender my will.

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