The Table - 11.27.16

Part 3 - "A Meal to Remember"

At the center of the spiritual lives of God’s people in both the Old and New Testaments, we find a table: the table of Passover and the table of Communion. Communion is an object lesson that represents an important spiritual truth for those who believe in Jesus. Discover the significance behind this simple yet meaningful meal we share together in community.

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The Table - 11.20.16

Part 2 - "Table Manners"

Jesus extends and invitation to any and all to have a seat at his table, and with that comes the reality that we will find ourselves surrounded by people who don't think, act, or look like we do. While there are many challenges that come with this, we must be careful not to add conditions to Christ's invitation. Jesus' words to a Pharisee in the book of Luke chapter 11 remind us that we are to not hold people to standards that make it more difficult for some to take part in what He has offered. Jesus' words also challenge us to actively engage in helping people discover and follow Jesus.

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The Table - 11.13.16

Part 1 - "An Invitation to Dinner"

The table has long been the gathering place for friends, family, and food. Somewhere along the way our culture became busier and we lost site of our table traditions. But there’s something special about the table and the stories it holds. The table is a place where people share stories and life. It's a place where, despite our differences, we are reminded of the things that unite us. Join us as we discover the power of a life lived at the table.

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