Who Will Be There?

At Cityline, you will find a relaxed come-as- you-are environment filled with people just like you. You’ll find a very diverse blend of ordinary people who are genuinely trying to figure out what it means to love God and love others and do that well. No matter who you are, whatever your story, if you have questions, even doubts or you're not even sure what you believe, Cityline is a safe and welcoming environment where you can ask questions, meet others and explore faith in community. In fact, we think you belong here. 

What About My Kids?

We have a fun and interactive Kid’s Ministry designed specifically for your children, birth through 5th Grade. Our Cityline Kids team would love to meet you, your kids, and help get them plugged in. Your middle-school and high-school students will have a blast at Cityline Youth, our on-campus student environment, fully equipped with live music and plenty of energy. Your kids will be taken care of, and will receive teaching that is age-appropriate, and connects with them and where they are in life.

What Are The Services Like?

We know walking through the doors of a new church for the first time is not as easy as it sounds. Don’t worry. We’ve been there and we know that taking that first step is a big deal and can feel a little awkward. We believe that people matter, which is why we go out of our way to make sure that your time with us is the best it can be. 

Every weekend you will experience a warm and welcoming environment with friendly people who will help you find your way around. Your kids will have a fun time learning in their own age-appropriate classes. At all of our weekend services you will enjoy a celebration-style atmosphere along with great music and creative teaching that connects with your life.

Any Other Questions?

We’d love to connect with you and answer any questions that you have before your first visit with us.  Drop us a note and we’d be happy to answer your questions.

How Should I Dress?

You should come however you are comfortable. We actually think you should wear whatever you would like to church. You will see everything from jeans to shorts, dress shoes to sandals, and whatever else works. Just come as you are. We’re glad you’re here.

Sunday Services

8:30 AM - 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM - 6PM