Kid City Center is the exciting hub of our Elementary program. Students meet here in a large group setting each week to connect, play, worship, and hear a Bible story told by one of our dynamic storytellers. This is  also the location of our Kid City Store, where students can cash in their “Kid City Cash” for fun prizes.

While the hustle and bustle of Kid City Center is certainly exciting, we also provide our Elementary students a chance to meet with a small group each week. Our small groups have your child’s learning and spiritual growth in mind as we provide a space where they can feel comfortable sharing with those their own age and really dig into the Word.

In keeping with the Kid City theme, our 1st and 2nd grade students head “Downtown”, while our 3rd-5th graders navigate “Uptown” to discuss what they have learned and how it applies to their lives. Your child will also have the opportunity to interact with the lesson in a creative way designed to further their understanding and recall the lesson by engaging them in a hands-on way.

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